Thursday Evening Tacos & Softball

Good Evening Oilers!

Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week, over the Wednesday hump and peering into Friday as the weekend approaches, it always seems to be a good day.  Not to completely influence my opinion but Thursday is also my softball league night, which happens to be located nicely near one of our favorite local taco trucks!  Triple win!  So we indulge in our deliciously prepared tacos and head to the fields.  In prep we stretch, we throw, we even hit a bit of pepper pregame but I add a little extra to my routine.  Unfortunately for me I am an “O” blood type and I get eaten alive by the mosquito population.  Add a little extra to the pot because I play left field most games, I am a stranded target in the grass ready to be fed on.  I’m sure it seems over dramatic but I’ve ended a hiking and rock climbing vacation in Chattanooga with 30 bites on one leg! No dramatization here.

So… how do I fight this fight without covering myself in deadly chemicals (ie:DEET).  Deet is an extremely harmful chemical that blocks the sensory messages from the brain to the body of an insect.  Recent studies have also shown its unhealthy effects on mammalian nervous systems.  I’d rather not lather my body, especially my skin which is one of the largest organs of our bodies and the largest detoxification organ, with a chemical that paralyzes sensory and movement in smaller organisms.  Especially when we do not have all of the facts for what harm it may cause to our own bodies yet.  Instead I opt for the more natural (and better smelling) way of doing things.  In a small spray bottle I combine water, witch hazel, and two of Young Living’s Essential oils, Lemongrass & Peppermint.  The peppermint helps tremendously to repel insects.  Lemongrass not only amplifies the scent of the peppermint but it helps regulate potential inflammation.  It is the perfect combo for our outdoor adventures, and definitely softball weeknights.  Taking care of my skin and body is very high on my priority list and Young Living always comes through for me!

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